Sanctification #2

Meeting held on May 17th.

Our first meeting went amazingly well. The depth of the conversation exceeded my expectations. I hate my sin even more.

Our next topic will be Sanctification. Chapter 38. Grudem’s laymen oriented lectures are all available on the interwebs at . There’s about 2 hours of audio for this chapter. This should be an easy topic. After this I’d like to get into topics that may generate a little more friendly disagreement and/or personal reflection and/or more challenging study. Topics might be: Gifts of the Spirit, Church government, gender roles, Federal Headship, a book study (ex. Bondange of the Will or Mortification of Sin), Faith and Repentance, Hypostatic Union, difficult bible verses, etc.

As discussed, our Mt. Rushmore will also be easy. Your top 4 most influential theologians, teachers, or preachers. Dead or alive. Positive or negative.

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