Angels & Demons #7

Our next meeting on August 8th will be on the topic of Angels & Demons. Not to be confused with the dismal movie of 2009, we will be talking about who/what they are, what is their origin and role throughout history,  and how God uses them.


Date: Tuesday, August 8th

Time: The usual 6:30ish

Location: Tim’s House

Topic: Angels & Demons

Mt. Rushmore: Blogs/Podcasts

Resources:  Chapters 19 & 20 in Systematic Theology by Wayne Grudem. If you have additional resources to share, please post them in the comments or on the Slack channel.


Additional Notes:

Bringing snacks is encouraged. To clarify the bottle share policy: You do not need to leave any unfinished alcohol with the host. This includes partial six packs or unfinished bottles of spirits. Just be sure to keep open bottles in your trunk on the way home.

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