What is Distilled Doctrine?

Distilled Doctrine Theology Club is a men’s topical bible study and bottle share. We seek a more perfect understanding of the Triune God. We enjoy beer, spirits and other beverages in the process. We are mostly Baptist and Calvinist.


Who is this for?

Christian men that desire a deeper understanding of the Bible. You must be open to the ideas of others, within orthodoxy. Christian men over 21 years old are welcomed.


What should I bring?

– Your Bible. Dead tree is preferred, but phone app is OK.

– Some beer and/or spirits and/or snacks and/or nothing.

– If you have copy, The Valley of Vision by Arthur Bennett.


What can I expect?

A relaxed atmosphere with earnest discussion. Also beer and snacks.

We start the meeting with a prayer from Valley of Vision. Next we discuss our Mt. Rushmore lists. The bulk of our time is spent on the main topic. Our time is closed with a quick prayer of thanks.


What’s Mt. Rushmore?

The Mt. Rushmore in South Dakota was created to recognize the influence and contributions that those 4 presidents had on the birth of democracy and the growth of the United States. Similarly, our “Mt. Rushmore” is a list of your 4 most influential items on a particular subject. They are not in order and may have been more important in different times of your life. ¬†For example: Books that influenced your Christian walk; theologians and teachers; and OT books of the Bible.


Where and when do you meet?

Typically we meet at Tim’s house. Sometimes at someone else’s house or a pub. Usually we meet on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month. Summer and holidays sometimes alter the schedule.


How should I prepare for a meeting?

Read, pray, meditate, and just think about it. If some particular resource is under discussion then it’s helpful to do your homework so as to have something contribute.


What happens if I miss a meeting?



What are the dues?

There are no dues.